Looking at Issuu

Issuu Screenshot

In preparing for this course, I’ve come across several interesting web and mobile based news platforms. One of my hopes for this semester is to learn more about how to publish among some of the these platforms. I imagine like me, most of you don’t have direct experience with producing content for these platforms. One of my plans for this class is for all of us to learn how create documents for such environments.

Issuu is one such service that looks like a good place to begin for our first assignments and projects. It presents documents in both newspaper and magazine formats. Please take some time to explore the site. Go ahead and set up an account and subscribe some stuff that looks interesting.

One student paper I’ve subscribe to is The Miscellany News from Vasser College in New York state. I think we could produce something along these lines but on a much smaller scale in this class. What do you guys think. Feel free to respond in the comments section of the blog.

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2 Responses to Looking at Issuu

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  2. Rei Yukimori says:

    I always read these kind of documents on the web both in English and Japanese to obtain new information, and to learn things more deeply. Im always impressed by these readings because every documents have strong thesis, and there are always new topics to catch reader’s attention. Also I think documents on the web is more effective than books or newspapers because more people in all over the world can check it. I usually do not buy books and newspapers because it’s inconvenience to carry around, and also it’s going to be in the trash after reading it. However I love looking through documents on the web because it’s convenience and also can search topics easily. I would love to learn how to create these documents.

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