Tonight’s Lesson as a Pie Chart – 011312

I’ve been calling today my mega-day. That because tonight’s class will be my fifth class today. I was here in the morning for Cyberspace & Society and then headed to another campus to teach three totally different classes. And to top it all off, it’s Friday the 13th. What could go wrong?

The graphic above represents the things I’d like to cover in tonight’s class. Here’s a brief text summary:

  1. Blog Post, Survey, Resources: I have an idea for the activity and project for the first section of our course that is based on the Issuu as mentioned in my previous blog post. Also I’d like to spend some time going over the survey I asked you guys to do at the end of the last class. One resource I think we’ll want to be checking out this semester is Poynter News University. I’d like to briefly introduce the site and ask you to explore it in the coming days.
  2. Setting up WordPress: I’d like to try to have everyone set up blogs this evening and I’ll guide you through the steps. Also, Mindy McAdams has a useful guide for setting up WordPress – though it is a couple of years old.
  3. Textbook Chapter 1: As many of you haven’t picked up the book yet, I’ll give an overview summary of main points from chapter 1. Hopefully this will be enough to generate some discussion.

In terms of homework, I’d like everyone to write an introductory blog post over the weekend. We will discuss what to include in the post at the end of class.

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