100 Years Ago Today

Bisbee daily review - January 14, 1912

Well I finally found the link I was looking for at our last class meeting. The Chronicling America Project from the Library of Congress has a vast and rich selection of old newpapers in online format.

I would like everyone to spend some time navigating through the archives. If you’re like me, it shouldn’t take too long to find something interesting. The only problem is that once I get started in a place like this it becomes difficult to get out quickly.

As for the picture of the dude with the mustache,  I found it on the front page of the January 14, 1912 edition of the Bisbee Daily Review (in Arizona). I was drawn to the artwork and didn’t take time to read the article. But in thinking about it now, an idea occurs. It looks like 100 years ago there was an election for the U.S. President. Maybe I can track coverage of one particular candidate from 100 years ago and compare it to the coverage of a candidate in the current election. I think I’d like to do this for the first project. Anybody wanna work on it together?

I wish I’d have had a chance to do something like this when I was a political science major (almost 100 years ago, too).

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3 Responses to 100 Years Ago Today

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  2. The bigger story was to the left, the end of the Manchu Dynasty.

    Bisbee is a story filled place.

    • lockmantuj says:

      One of the students is from Arizona too. When told that you are from Strawberry, she said it’s a wonderful place – tiny but wonderful. More than she cared to say for Bisbee.

      You’re right on the China story. It would be interesting to take a close look at how the journalists at the time covered China compared to today.

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