Lesson Pie Chart – January 25, 2012

Looking back to Monday’s Pie Chart post, I realize that I never wrote up the blog posts I had promised. But I did add the Activities and Projects page. That is one of the things I had in mind for a blog post. The other was to begin my own documentation of my Activity and Project for section 1. I still need to do that and hope to have it posted before Wednesday’s lesson.

Speaking of Wednesday’s lesson, this is how I hope for it to go down:

  1. Discuss chapters 3 & 4 (15 minutes): As mentioned in the email I sent to everyone earlier today, I’d like each of you to bring  one open-ended question for each of the two chapters with you to class. It would be nice if they were written down so that I could collect them after the activity. If you’d prefer to send them to me as email or blog them, that would be fine (try to have this done before the last minute prior to class). As for the activity, I don’t want too give to much away. All I can say is that I think it’s going to be awesome and it’s going to involve dice.
  2. Work and Research (30 minutes): I will want to end this with ten or fifteen minutes remaining so that we can do the final wrap up activty.
  3. Status Report (remaining time): I would like each of us to make a short statement about the status of our Activity / Project to date. It would also be useful to describe what needs to be done next. Also, please let me know if there’s anything you need from me.

I apologize for not being to review the Critical Incident surveys from last Friday.  I propose to spend the final 15 minutes on Friday both going over last weeks results and asking you to complete a new survey for this week. Any objections?

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2 Responses to Lesson Pie Chart – January 25, 2012

  1. rei0417 says:

    Now I’m thinking to find out the best open-ended question for chapter 3&4.
    I think tomorrow’s class will be beneficial class as always!

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