February 6 – Pie Chart

I’m almost caught up. I’ve been able to provide annotated feedback to seven of you so far. My apologies to the final four. I hope to have this squared away before our next meeting.

Tonight’s primary order of business will be the second slice of the pie: the quiz over chapters 1 – 5.

This will come after we spend a bit of time discussing were we are to date with our first assignment and project. I’m also still working on plans for the second assignment / project. As mentioned last week, it will involve an audio project in which you interview someone and prepare a short radio documentary type feature piece.

After the quiz, I’d like to hear from everyone one about what you’d like to cover for the rest of the semester: your beat. Please make a point of checking in with me on this before you leave.

Homework Note

We will cover chapter 7 on Wednesday and chapter 8 on Friday. Please read ahead and come to class prepared to discuss. As always, writing down a question or two is a good idea.

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