Best Designed Papers

A recent twitter tweet mentioned a blog post that names the 5 of the best designed papers in the world. It might be useful to look at the design and layout of some of the the award winning papers as you begin to build your own pages in InDesign. One paper I particularly found attractive was The Grid from Toronto, Canada.

In addition to seeing some good examples, the blog post also offers a clear statement on what makes for a good paper. There is certainly talk about layout and typography. But they also talk about how the paper tries to find and serve an audience. This quote is worth considering:

The formula for excellence will always be less about format and typography than about the unreserved commitment to the community of readers that newspapers serve and clarity about the nature and interests of those readers.

Though we clearly have online news in mind for this class, it can still  be useful to apply ideas and techniques from more traditional forms of journalism.

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