Listen Up

Ear Horn

I’m delighted to see that almost everyone is finished with audio projects. I was hoping that students would listen to one another’s work and leave comments on the blogs. So far this doesn’t seem to  have been happening. So I guess I should ask everyone to please listen and leave feedback.

Try to leave comments that are honest and helpful. Don’t be afraid to point out something that you think could be improved. Or ask questions about particular production decisions.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a blogging component to everyone’s final course grade. As far as I’m concerned, commenting is an important part of blogging.

For tonight: Let’s postpone chapter 13 until Friday’s lesson. I understand that many students were surprised that it is such a long chapter and didn’t afford enough time to prepare for tonight’s lesson.

So we will begin with a short time together to see if anyone has questions or comments and you’ll then be turned loose to work on your various stuff that needs to be worked on.

Also it seems that some students haven’t made much progress with Storify yet. Let me know if you need a quick demonstration.

Image: Ear Horn by Paul Garland through CC Licensing
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