A & P 3

Deadline for the activity is April 4, 2012 (initial), for the project is April 13, 2012.

Overview: Present a story of your own choosing in a compelling and interesting way. You are free to choose the format of presentation. You will be required to use Storify to collect, curate and comment upon possible sources.

Activity: The activity score you receive will be based on the level to which you blog the development of your story from initial idea through to finished project. I will initially check and score your blog on April 4. I will check it again when your project is complete and adjust the score accordingly.

I would like to see blog posts that provide thoughtful and meaningful reflection on your developing project. I would also like to see a greater level of commenting upon classmates blogs. One way to invite such commenting, as mentioned by Tiffany earlier this semester, is to ask your readers a question.

Project: Your finished project can consist of embedded media you’ve produced, links to other sites where your project is published (such as Issuu), or a self-contained blog post. Regardless of what medium you choose to present your project, I will expect to see a final draft of your script or story text. If you are doing a magazine article or newspaper story then the text will be part of the product. If however you are doing video or audio, you will need to either email me your script or post it on your blog.

What I would most like to see for your final project is a work that has challenged you in terms of production skills and is something that you are proud of. It should also consist of a story that is interesting and compelling.


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