Reimagining journalism in the age of social media

JD Lasica is one of the journalists interviewed in our textbook. The link below is to his thoughts on a speech he recently gave on the future of journalism. There is also an embedded slideshare player with the slides he showed his audience.

Reimagining journalism in the age of social media.

Of interest to me was the list of 9 fundamental assumptions about journalism in an online age. It would be interesting to compare this list with some of the ideas we are discussing in the class.

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Lesson Pie Chart – February 3, 2012

So far I’ve been able to Diigo annotations for two other students. I apologize for the delay but I’m trying to take my time and useful feedback. I’m also tied up with other matters beyond the course. I appreciate your continued patience and excellent efforts.

Here’s a quick rundown on Friday’s lesson:

Chapter 6 Discussion: I’d like to have an open discussion for about 15 minutes.

Quiz Review: As you know the quiz has been postponed until February 6. We will spend some time talking about what you might expect for the quiz.

Project 1 Thoughts: Clearly we are a few lessons behind schedule, according to the syllabus.  The deadline for Project 1 will be adjusted accordingly. But I’d like to spend some time hearing your thoughts about how we should proceed with Project.

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Lesson Pie Chart – February 2, 2012

Can you believe it’s already February? This semester is screaming by. I’m pleased to report that I’m making good progress in working through your blogs and I like what I’m seeing. I don’t know if I’ll be able to leave comments on everyone’s before going to bed tonight. But I will have it done by class time tomorrow.

Also, my own project is not getting done at the moment. That means I’ve got some serious catching up to do.

Anyhow, here’s the rundown for Wednesday’s lesson:

Getting Started: I hope to reflect briefly on what I’ve seen on the blogs. I’ll also try to introduce a social bookmarking tool called Diigo. I encourage you to set up an account on this free service. I will be using it to give feedback to your Activity 1 blog post.

Work and Conferences: Try to finish your Activity 1. I will try to have a brief conference with everyone who’s finished and those who wish to discuss current work.

Wrapping Up: Homework will be to read chapter 6. I need to change the quiz date to February 6 (Monday). The quiz will cover chapters 1-5. I’d like to use Friday for discussing the reading, review for quiz, and making a plan for Project 1.

Link demo: Chicago Daybook details

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Assignment 1 – Late Start


From the Hopkinsville Kentuckian (January 30, 1912)

I guess it’s a good thing I’m not taking this class for credit. If I were, I’d be in epic fail mode. The first assignment is supposed to be due today and I’m only just getting started. Luckily, I think I have an awesome idea and I think I can get an extension on the deadline.

I’m going to analyze the portrayal of cigarette smoking in America over a 50 year period by looking at a few different newspapers. I still need to track down more sources and think about my methodology of analyzing and reporting.

The article is from the Hopkinsville Kentuckian (January 30, 1912)

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Lesson Pie Chart for January 30, 2012

Here’s a rundown on what we will do in class on Monday: January 30, 2012.

  1. Discuss Chapters 5 and 6: Please come to class with one meaningful discussion question for each of the two chapters. I hope to do try the activity from last Wednesday again. Last time it didn’t go over so well but I think it could be better this time (15 minutes or so allotted).
  2. Review Critical Incident Surveys: I will email a summary of the results of the latest survey along with my personal reflections on your responses. Please try to read it before class. We will have a short discussion over the results (10 minutes allotted).
  3. Student Work: Please use the remaining time to meet with me individually or work on your various assignments.

As you can from my blog, I’ve not made much progress on my own Section 1 Activity. I truly intend to do this but will need a bit more time to pull my stuff together. I hope to have a draft blog post up later this evening. Please accept my apologies for not setting a better example.

I’m grateful that so many of you making such good progress. Be on the lookout for comments from me on your blogs as soon as I can get there.

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Lesson Pie Chart – January 25, 2012

Looking back to Monday’s Pie Chart post, I realize that I never wrote up the blog posts I had promised. But I did add the Activities and Projects page. That is one of the things I had in mind for a blog post. The other was to begin my own documentation of my Activity and Project for section 1. I still need to do that and hope to have it posted before Wednesday’s lesson.

Speaking of Wednesday’s lesson, this is how I hope for it to go down:

  1. Discuss chapters 3 & 4 (15 minutes): As mentioned in the email I sent to everyone earlier today, I’d like each of you to bring  one open-ended question for each of the two chapters with you to class. It would be nice if they were written down so that I could collect them after the activity. If you’d prefer to send them to me as email or blog them, that would be fine (try to have this done before the last minute prior to class). As for the activity, I don’t want too give to much away. All I can say is that I think it’s going to be awesome and it’s going to involve dice.
  2. Work and Research (30 minutes): I will want to end this with ten or fifteen minutes remaining so that we can do the final wrap up activty.
  3. Status Report (remaining time): I would like each of us to make a short statement about the status of our Activity / Project to date. It would also be useful to describe what needs to be done next. Also, please let me know if there’s anything you need from me.

I apologize for not being to review the Critical Incident surveys from last Friday.  I propose to spend the final 15 minutes on Friday both going over last weeks results and asking you to complete a new survey for this week. Any objections?

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Lesson Pie Chart – January 23, 2012

At the time of posting this pie chart (5:30 am on Monday), I’m hoping to be able to have a couple of additional blog posts ready by the time class begins this evening. Based on valuable feedback provided in last Friday’s end of week survey, I realize there remain a few points of confusion related to Activities and Projects. I will try to spell things out more clearly.

As for the lesson tonight, here’s how I hope for it to unfold:

Quick Announcements: Beginning at the bottom of the pie, I’d like to share a few brief thoughts and links (Poynter’s News Sense: The Building Blocks of News, and Activity and Project 1 details) before turning you guys loose for the Work and Research portion of the lesson.

Work and Research: Here you can continue researching the old news articles for the first activity or keep working with InDesign. I’m expecting everyone to use InDesign for the first project so this will be a useful chance for me to help those in need of individual assistance.

Survey Review and Next Reading: I’d like to spend a few minutes going over the survey results which should be in a blog post. For Wednesday, please read chapters 3 and 4 of the text and be prepared to discuss when class next begins.

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011812 – Lesson Plan as Pie Chart

Lesson Plan Pie Chart - January 18, 2012

Here’s the breakdown on tonight’s lesson:

  • Course Matters: Blog URL shared spreadsheet, Netvibes page, WordPress details – Hello World post, About page, email me (I still haven’t heard from three of you), set up your blog (so far only six of you have done this)
  • Chapter 1 Discussion: Lucky number discussion activity
  • Student Work & Homework: Please continue exploring either InDesign or the LOC Chronicling America News archives (see previous post for links). Your homework is to write up a blog post describing your ideas for Activity 1 and Project 1 (they should be connected thematically).
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011612 – Monday Lesson Pie Chart

I’d like to give everyone one a chance to start working on the computers tonight. Based on our discussion last week, it seemed that several students were interested in the idea of looking at old news stories and comparing them to the way similar topics are or aren’t covered today. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve found the link I was looking for last week.

So for tonight, here’s what’s on tap (please note that the pie-chart above doesn’t represent how much we will spend on each activity):

  1. Course Matters: I hope to cover the following: welcome new students who are just joining the class, give revised syllabi to everyone, discuss the activity/project sequence for section 1 of the course, and distribute copies of chapters 1 and 2.
  2. Old Time News: I’ll give a quick demonstration of how to navigate through the Chronicling America archive from the Library of Congress. Try to spend some time searching through the archives until you find a couple of stories you might want to work on for the rest of the month.
  3. In Design and Issuu: I’ll give a quick demonstration of InDesign and show the test page I made today in Issuu. I’d like everyone to set up a free Issuu account and upload work there for the first activity and project – if you choose to do an old-time news analysis.

For next time, be ready to discuss chapters 1 and 2 from the text. We will cover 3 and 4 on Friday.

One more point, I forgot to mention a link on Friday’s blog post. Did anybody notice and or check out the Poynter site? If not, you should. I’ll be talking about it on Friday.

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100 Years Ago Today

Bisbee daily review - January 14, 1912

Well I finally found the link I was looking for at our last class meeting. The Chronicling America Project from the Library of Congress has a vast and rich selection of old newpapers in online format.

I would like everyone to spend some time navigating through the archives. If you’re like me, it shouldn’t take too long to find something interesting. The only problem is that once I get started in a place like this it becomes difficult to get out quickly.

As for the picture of the dude with the mustache,  I found it on the front page of the January 14, 1912 edition of the Bisbee Daily Review (in Arizona). I was drawn to the artwork and didn’t take time to read the article. But in thinking about it now, an idea occurs. It looks like 100 years ago there was an election for the U.S. President. Maybe I can track coverage of one particular candidate from 100 years ago and compare it to the coverage of a candidate in the current election. I think I’d like to do this for the first project. Anybody wanna work on it together?

I wish I’d have had a chance to do something like this when I was a political science major (almost 100 years ago, too).

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