A & P 1

The following activity and project are to be completed during section 1 of the course (1/11-2/6).

Activity – select a story or topic as reported in an old newspaper archive. Write an analytical blog post in which you detail some of the differences and similarities between the eras in the coverage of this story or topic. You will be expected to develop this analysis over the course of writing multiple drafts on your blog. The instructor will provide feedback to the drafts in the form of comments. It is expected that classmates will also leave comments on one another’s drafts. The final analysis should be published on your blog no later than January 30th.

Project – each student will use InDesign to create a one to two page (A4) newspaper article that is based on some aspect of what was covered in the analysis activity. The deadline for the project is February 6.

Students are welcome to collaborate on both the activity and project but each will need to produce an individual analysis blog post. A single newspaper edition may be submitted by a pair or group of students with the instructors approval.

Together the entire class will produce a digital newspaper edition to be published on the Issuu site using the stories created by all of the students. The class-size group will need to decide the various roles played by each member as well as figuring out the overall layout of the entire edition. The due date for this final edition will coincide with the final semester project in early April.


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